Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Haul 25/7-31/7

Today was supposed to be a study day but my mum wanted to go shopping as a family and who could say no to clothing and shoes that aren't coming out of your own wallet? I couldn't.
I went to DFO Moorabin and Myer Westfield Southland.

I bought 3 tops, 2 pairs of shoes, a bag, a jacket and the Marine Life Beauty powder.

My DFO purchases:

This Jacket is from a store called Westco in DFO and it was $25 [50% of $50]. It's above my hips and its quite fitted and has gold buttons with a striped inside. 
I also got a bag from Adidas [my fave sport brand!] that was reduced from $70 to $40. I love the gold print!

My three Review Tops:
This is a black silk top from Review that was $160 and I got it for $53.10. It feels quite nice and would lovely paired with a smokey eye, skinny blue jeans and black stilettos!
This is a black satin like top, I have no idea what name the style would be, but it was quite sexy on me! Showed off my curves really well. This would look amazing with red lipstick;) It was $180 and I got it for $35.10.

This is the same style as the one above it except its halter neck and its a virginal white. The yellow lighting of my lamp changed the colour. it was quite a tight fit but Its something I would love to surprise my bf with;) I would also wear it under overall, preferably the ones with shorts or something. It was $170 and I got it for $17. So it was 90% off!

These are a pair of Geox flats I got from a store that specialises in discount shoes. These were originally $160 and then got reduced to $70 but there was a Buy 2, get the second pair 50% off. SO my brother got a new pair of school shoes and I got these. My bf has been telling me I should get ballet shoes because they suit my image and these reminded me of them. They have a cute bow at the top!

My Myers Purchases:

These are a pair of pumps that are supposed to be nude, they are a greyish peachy nude I suppose. They aren't too high so they wont kill my feet and they looked lovely. They were $60 and I got them for $30? They're from Miss Shop.
My Specktra Clearance Bin Purchases:
This is the much loved Marine Life High-Light Powder from the MAC To The Beach collection. Its really beautiful and i was quite lucky to find it. The gold overspray was gone but since I'm planning on using it, not coveting it, that was fine. This is quite sheer and it gives a really light, buildable glow, although i recommend using it lightly otherwise your cheeks go clownish coral! [I made the mistake today, thinking it wasn't enough. Luckily, its super blendable and I was able to lighten it by blending.] I got it from an Aussie Specktrette who lives in the same city. It was $30 and $7 for postage [$7! Shipping in AUS is super expensive, I'm so envious of you American girls!] So it was $37. It was a justifiable purchase before but now that I have it, I'm thinking I could've gotten a much cheaper dupe in the US. However, this is seriously a beautiful product and I'm glad I got it in the end, although I'm going to limit the use so the starfish doesn't fade!

I also got my super late bday gift this week [my bday was a month ago!] From my friends.
I received:
-Nubar Reclaim
-Essie My Private Cabana
-Sleek Storm Palette
-Sleek Original Palette

These items were on the wishlist I gave my friends. I also had a book on it too but they decided not to get it for me:(

Nubar Reclaim & Essie My private cabana

To tell the truth, I dont understand the hype of the Storm palette. I didn't like the matte brown which was gross. The colours are pretty much black when swatched. However, the pigmentation was generally good and I've used the Oriiginal palette more since I've gotten it.

Next week: Look forward to a review of the sleek palettes PLUS the second part of the Fyrinnae e/s reviews and swatches!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My New clutch

I just got this clutch. I bought it for $10 from a FB seller. I originally got a different one but decided to swap. I still haven't decided if it was a good idea or not. Its black, really long, thick and has silver plating on the side.

UPDATE: I've since returned the clutch for a pair of contact lenses.

My favourite Anime of the moment or AOTM:)

Tell me this isn't one of the cutest anime babies you've ever seen. Seriously.

This is Baby Beel or Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV. He's just the cutest! This is his info according to Wikipedia:
Known as Beelzebub or Baby Beel . He is the youngest son of the Devil King. He is very attached to Oga, always clinging onto Oga's back or sitting on Oga's head. When he becomes agitated (and initially when he saw blood), he'll often throw a tantrum that will spontaneously electrocute anyone within his vicinity. Without Oga, he is physically weaker than even the average human child, but contact with Oga allows him to unleash his demonic powers. After fearing for Oga's safety when he contracted a fever, (as his power would end up killing Oga) he severed the contract and ran away. He then became somewhat attached to Toujou, who resembles Oga (at least in his own mind). Later, when Oga and Toujou start to fight, Beel snaps out of his fever and goes back to Oga. At that point, their mutual trust becomes so great that Beel even erases the Zebub spell to allow Oga to fight Toujou without using demonic powers.

Beelzebub's characteristic cry is "Daabū!" and he is always naked with a pacifier in his mouth. He, like Oga, is shown to anger easily, yet his outbursts are portrayed in a more comical fashion. He, like other demons, is able to sense when a human is particularly strong, and this first leads him to take a liking to Kunieda. Later, when she learns how to use demonic powers, Beel becomes even more attached to her. He has also shown to have some liking to Toujou, who appears to remind him of Oga. When Oga reunites with Miki, Beel showed immediate disgust and possible fear toward the Saint Ishiyama Student. The reason for this has not been stated.
In the demon world, the extent of Beel's true power is finally known when he strikes down a gigantic monster bird in one hit and later defeats a monster larger than a mountain under Oga's direction.
Through the series (so far covering a period of about six months), he shows some development, as expected from an infant, and his ability to interact with other people increases. He and Kunieda's little brother Kouta develop a rivalry, with comic effect.
But anyway, this anime is awesome. It's extremely funny and I recommend it highly to people who don't mind demons, babies, monsters and delinquents.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My current nail polish stash

In preparation for my [hopefully!] incoming packages, I decided to take photos of the nail polishes I have right now and hope that my collection will grow into something with more variety.
My stash currently has around 60ish colour nail polishes. I have a few top coats and base coats and 1 matte top coat.

 Revlon: Coconut Crush, Sublime strawberry, pale pink with shimmer fraken, Marooned, Midnight Affair, Brazenberry.
Randoms: BYS amethyst, BYS Emerald Metallic, Colorama 25, Rimmel Sky High, L'oreal Crystals, L'oreal Platinum, MCC Real Red, MCC Baby Pink, MCC Stylish Pink, Australis aqua, Essie After Sex
L'oreal La Collection: Crystals, Hologram, Platinum
 China Glaze: Ruby Pumps, Dynasty, Carnival Lights, Dorothy Who?, Luna, Atlantis, Seaspray, Pelican Grey
 Misa: Fatal Affair, Touch the Rainbow, Toxic Seduction, Forbidden Lust, Dirty Sexy Money, A Sin Worth Committing.
 Color Club: Worth the Risque, Wild at Heart, Revvvolution
Ulta3: Lily White, Black satin, Hollywood, Jelly bean, Little Boy Blue, Lagoon, Brandy Wine, English Rose, Poppy, Lollipop lilac, Snazzle.

 OPI: My Private Jet, Bling Dynasty, Jade is the New Black, I'm not really a waitress, Lourve me, Lourve me not, I think in Pink, Purple with a purpose.
 OPI: Silver Shatter, DS Reserve, DS Magic, Mermaid Tears, DS Extravagance, Sparrow me the Drama, Russian Navy Suede.
 LIGHTENDED PHOTGRAPH: Silver Shatter, DS Reserve, DS magic, DS Extravagance, Mermaid's tears, Sparrow me the Drama, Russian Navy Suede, My Private Jet, Bling Dynasty, Jade is the new Black, Purple with a purpose, I'm not really a waitress, Lourve me, Lourve me not, I think in Pink.

Complete OPI:  Silver Shatter, DS Reserve, DS magic, DS Extravagance, Mermaid's tears, Sparrow me the Drama, Russian Navy Suede, My Private Jet, Bling Dynasty, Jade is the new Black, Purple with a purpose, I'm not really a waitress, Lourve me, Lourve me not, I think in Pink.
Zoya: Rica, Robyn<3, Rica, Kieko, Midori

I really love most of my nail polishes. My top 5 would have to be:
  1. Zoya Robyn
  2. OPI DS Reserve
  3. China Glaze Carnival Lights
  4. Color Club Revvvolution
  5. OPI Jade is the new Black
My bottom 5, #1 being the worst.
  1. Misa Fatal Affair
  2. N/A
  3. N/A
  4. N/A
  5. N/A
There's only 1 because the others just have thickness problems that can be solved with a thinner but Fatal Affair is my least favourite because it was a disappointment. The colour turned out like nothing I wanted. It turned out to be a blackened creme whereas the bottle colour is a purple base with blue shimmer.

My Favourite brand: OPI
My favourite finish: I can't decide between Shimmer and Creme. My favourite finish is actually Glitter but due to difficult removal, it has gone down my list.
My Favourite colour/s: Reds, Greens, Blues and Pinks.
My favourite collection: OPI Designer Series [I need more of these!]

DUPES: I only have 2 I think, OPI I think in Pink & Sparrow me the Drama. I didn't really mean to buy dupes, it just happened. The Ebay seller sent me I think in Pink instead of Sparrow me the drama because the colours are identical with a slight difference. He kindly let me keep the polish and resent me the Sparrow me the Drama.

AUSTRALIA ONLY BRANDS: Australis, BYS [ I think] & Ulta3.
These brands are only available in Australia to my knowledge.
Ulta3 would be the equivalent of Wet N Wild to Americans I think, except its more expensive. They cost me $2.50 AUD a bottle. BYS is $4-$5 each bottle and I plan on getting more of these, especially the Alice ones. Australis has both make up and nail polish although I've never tried their makeup.

I haven't worn all my polishes simply because I can't wear nail polish too often due to school rules.  I'm a Nail Polish fanatic. I wish I had more but due to me living in Australia, buying affordable nail polishes is difficult.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fyrinne eyeshadows part 1: Greens & Blues

I was going to post these swatches up awhile ago but I didn't have an sd card reader for my camera. So I used my iphone instead which was better for taking swatches since my dslr has a limited closeup range.
I have 30 fyrinnae eyeshadows, 2 full sizes, 26 minis and 2 samples (you get a sample with every purchase that is around 1/6-1/8 tsp) . The full size price ranges from $6.35(arcane magic) to $5.90 for 3g of shadow. The mini sizes are $2 each and can have either 1/3 tsp or ¼ tsp (arcane magic) of eyeshadow.

The first batch that I’m going to review & swatch are my greens and blues. They are all mini sizes.

L-R: Eternal Innocence, Arcane Magic Dark Fntasy, Dokkalfar, Boytoy(sample), Arcane magic Warrior Mage, Arcane Magic Madame & Eve's, Digital Faerie.

Eternal Innocence: Rich, vivid emerald green with a hint of teal, shimmering but not glittery.
This is true to the discription. Its quite a beautiful shade, sounds similar to what MAC Jealousy wakes was supposed to turn out to be. I will compare them when I get JW. Or it might be a lovely shade to go with it. If the picture was a bit greener, it would be the true swatch.

Arcane Magic Dark Fantasy: Dark Fantasy is an intense grass green shimmer on a charcoal base, which changes to a golden-peach to deep orange-coral .
I think this one is a dark forest green with intense grass green shimmer with a hint of a charcoal base. The colour change is not quite there, it flashes from forest green to a light green/yellow. This has to be my favourite out of the greens and blues. Its vibrant and beautiful and the swatch does not do it justice. This is one to see with your eyes.

Dokkalfar: (Dark Elves) Black filled with hues of pale green to golden-lime sparkle.
This is a black base with tiny blue, gold and green glitter. This is very pigmented and I would recommend it as a crease colour or used wet for lining. Its super sparkly and gorgeous. The swatch does not even show 1/8 of the glitter you can actually see.

Boytoy: Our most sparkly green! Varying hues of vibrant green on black make this a stunning shade.
This is a black base with intense green mini glitter. Its quite a shade to look at and its more of a base infused with glitter than Dark fantasy. Again, this has more glitter than shown in the swatch.

Arcane Magic Warrior Mage: Just discontinued I believe as I can't find it on the site anymore. This is a pale grey blue colour with mini glitter that sparkles with colours from the rainbow. It is beautiful and reminds me of the pale blue sky after it rains. It flashes a pale champagne colour. It is bluer than the swatch.

Arcane Magic Madame & Eve's: Perhaps our most striking Arcane shade yet, away from light Madame & Eve's appears to be a vivid sparkling teal, similar to our Boytoy. Move it closer to light or in sunlight, and it morphs to violet then gleaming magenta.
I wouldn't say this is the most striking but it is gorgeous. Its a blackened teal with mini glitter (many Fyrinnae e/s have beautiful mini-glitter). It flashes violet in the sun with a hint of magenta. Its darker than the swatch.

Lastly, but not least, Digital Faerie: Stunning sky blue with green shimmer.
This seems to be Fyrinnae favourite. Its a vivid sky blue with a hint of teal. It flashes green in the sun. It would make a lovely summer colour that is bold and bright. The swatch is correct.

I love all my fyrinnae e/s but Dark Fantasy is my favourite with Digital Faerie a close second. It's quite sad that Warrior mage is discontinued as I had wished to purchase the full size. I suppose, I will just use my WM as little as I possibly can because its such a gorgeous shade.
Aside from WM, all of these can be purchased from Fyrinnae which I strongly urge you to do ASAP! The Fyrinnae boys are fantastic and even though the queue is long, I usually get my e/s quite fast as my orders only contain mainly minis. The wrapping is amazing, I still have the tissue paper they wrap the items in! They put so much effort into it, they should be earning more! I can't say if the e/s are comparable to MAC pigments because I've never tried them but these are highly pigmented, beauty colours that every girl should have in her collection and for the low price, why not?