Sunday, December 25, 2011

E.L.F Blush Review


How is everyone today, after yesterday's Christmas festivities?

I'm alright. I'm a bit down actually. I had a good day followed by a terrible night but enough bout that.

I recently just got my latest package and I decided to swatch my ELF blushes for you today.

L-R+T-B: Mellow Mauve, Pink Passion, Tickled Pink & Peachy Keen.

I've had the bottom two for a while now. I don't remember exactly when though.

E.L.F Studio Blush
The soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish. Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth. Highlight your complexion with a subtle healthy glow!
Price: $3 USD

L-R : Pink Passion, Mellow Mauve, Tickled Pink & Peachy Keen [Left is blended out a bit, the swatch on the right is swatched twice]

Pink Passion:
Its a very bright pink. The texture is chalky and powdery. However, it is definitely pigmented. I would recommend just a tap of your brush for this blush. The wear for this blush is quite decent. It's matte.

Mellow Mauve:
I wouldn't call it a mauve actually. In the pan, it is a rosey mauve but when I swatched it, it was  a orangey mauve? If that makes any sense. It looks a bit mauvey but leans more to the orange side. This is also quite chalky actually but its a softer chalkiness to Pink passion. This one is on the sheer side and has tiny shimmers.

Tickled Pink:
This one is a corally pink. In the pan, it looks similar to mellow mauve, just a bit peachier. The swatches turn it a bit pinker. This one is a bit powdery but not as bad as the ones before. The wear is horrible though and its sheer. It only lasts about 2-4 hours on me and thats being a bit generous. This is a bit shimmery as well.

Peachy Keen:
I got this one because another blogger had said it was her favourite and I thought I would try it. This is a metallic looking orange/peach. This swatches well but on the face... its quite sheer and doesn't last that long. Its the most pore emphasizing  would say. I wouldn't suggest this for lighter skin tones.

These blushes are definitely not the best. They don't last as long as other blushes. Three out of Four of the ones I had were quite sheer as well so you'll have to build it up. For the price though, they are definitely worth a try. Especially if you're beginning to use blush and can't apply it as well since they are buildable and sheer.
I recommend: Tickled Pink for everyday and Pink Passion if you know how to apply is properly.

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  1. ever since i found the e.l.f blushes I found in love! I don't use anyother than these. My 2 favorite are the tickled pink and mellow mauve color.